Emily “Em” Thompson

Emily “Em” Thompson is a well-known writer in thebestsuggest.com, where she writes on topics ranging from pet products to animal welfare. She is popularly known for her blog “Em’s Pet Picks,” where she posts comprehensive and unbiased reviews of the latest pet products.

Passionate About Writing

Ever since she was a child, Emily had a love for writing. As she grew older, she honed her craft by studying journalism in college and getting involved in various local publications. She now uses her love for writing to educate pet owners about the latest and greatest products on the market.

Her Love for Animals

Emily’s love for animals is evident in her work. Being a graduate in Animal Sciences, Emily has a deep understanding of animal behavior, and she uses this knowledge to help pet owners make the best decisions for their furry companions. Emily also advocates for animal welfare and uses a portion of her blog’s proceeds to support local animal shelters.

Living with her four-legged family

Emily lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her two rescue dogs, a playful tabby cat, and a mischievous African Grey parrot. Her four-legged family members are a constant source of inspiration and joy, and she often uses their experiences in her writing.


In conclusion, Emily “Em” Thompson is a talented writer with an immense passion for animals. Her work at thebestsuggest.com and her blog “Em’s Pet Picks” showcases her writing skills and knowledge of the pet industry. Her dedication to animal welfare and her love for her four-legged family members sets her apart in the world of pet product reviews.