10 High-Performance Lovebird Cages for an Upgraded 2023

As a bird enthusiast and owner, I know how essential it is to give your lovebirds a safe and comfortable place to live. Lovebird cages must be spacious enough for the birds to move around, fly, and play, but also secure and easy to maintain. In this review, we'll go over ten lovebird cages that are suitable for these little birds.

The right lovebird cage will provide your feathered friends with plenty of room to explore and play, while keeping them safe and secure. We'll evaluate the size, materials, design, and features of each cage to help you make an informed decision for your lovebirds. Whether you're a seasoned bird owner or a beginner, you'll find useful information in this review to guide you towards the perfect lovebird cage.

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More Detail for Large black metal bird cage.

After conducting extensive research on cages for my lovebirds, I stumbled upon the Yaheetech 69-Inch Extra Large Bird Cage. This cage provides ample space for my birds, with impressive dimensions of 30.3” L x 18” W x 51.2’’ H & a bar spacing of 3/8”. The 3-tier design offers plenty of climbing & exploration opportunities for the birds. The lockable doors ensure the safety of escape artist birds, and the solid construction of wrought iron is water-resistant and durable. The open shelf stand is also a convenient feature as it provides mobility and additional storage space for pet accessories.

While the assembly process can be a bit time-consuming, the outcome made the effort worthwhile. This cage is a great choice for small to medium-sized birds, including lovebirds, conures, parakeets, and budgies. It can even accommodate small animals such as sugar gliders. If you're on the hunt for a spacious, durable, and efficient cage for your feathered friends, the Yaheetech 69-Inch Extra Large Bird Cage is definitely a top contender.


  • Spacious
  • sturdy
  • secure
  • convenient mobility
  • added storage.


  • No Cons

More Detail for Large Wrought Iron Bird Cage.

I have always been in search of a large cage that not only provides enough space for my birdy to fly, but also ensures its safety. Recently, I came across the Yaheetech 63-Inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Bird Cage & I couldn't resist purchasing it. Although it's quite big with dimensions of 81 x 47 x 160 cm/ 32 x 18.5 x 63’’ (LxWxH) it still didn't take me much time to put it together on my own.

The cage has both a slide-out tray & a grate which makes cleaning a breeze. It comes with a stand that sits on four swivel rolling casters, which means it can be easily moved. I love the fact that the feeder doors help me refill the food bowls without bothering my birdy. For its safety, the cage has a crescent lock system which prevents it from escaping. This cage has all the features I was looking for and is great value for money.


  • Spacious design for small to medium-sized birds.
  • Easy to clean with removable slide-out tray.
  • Secure with 0.4" bar spacing and crescent lock.
  • Convenient with smooth-rolling casters and storage shelf.
  • Feeder doors for easy access to food and water.


  • The perches are not stable.

More Detail for Large bird cage with stand.

I recently researched the Yaheetech 69-inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Parrot Bird Cage & I must say I am quite impressed. The play-top design is particularly noteworthy, with its comfortable-to-grip wooden dowel perch, two stainless steel feeders, ladder, and easy-to-clean tray to collect spilled feeds & droppings. Its dimensions of 24" L x 22" W x 35" H make it spacious enough to accommodate 2-3 small to medium-sized birds. The four-sided seed guard catches the spilled feeds and droppings while the slide-out tray gathers them for easy cleaning. The cage being built with wrought iron with a water and oxidant-resistant finish makes it very durable.

I recommend this cage to all pet bird owners who are looking for a high-quality, spacious, and sturdy birdcage. Overall, the Yaheetech 69-inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Parrot Bird Cage offers an excellent combination of design, durability, and convenience. Its play-top features and seed guard make it a great purchase for both the birds and their owners. The cage is easy to clean, and its sturdy wrought iron construction ensures its longevity. Do not hesitate to buy this quality cage for your feathered friends.


  • Solid wrought iron construction
  • spacious
  • easy to clean
  • play-top design
  • and movable.


  • No Cons

More Detail for Wrought iron bird cage stand.

After doing extensive research, I tried out the Topeakmart 53.7-inch Bird Cage with St& & was impressed by its overall design. It is made with premium metal that is covered with harmless hammertone paint, which makes it water-resistant and durable. The 24.5 x 17 x 53.5-inch cage is spacious and can house several small birds comfortably; making it suitable for families with small to medium birds or other small animals. The cage also comes with four small feeder doors on the front for convenient feed replenishment and two polished wooden perches for birds to rest.

Moreover, I appreciate that there is extra storage space on the stand for pet accessories and feed, keeping everything organized. Overall, this is a great value for under $100.


  • Spacious and suitable for multiple small to medium birds.
  • Includes extra storage shelf for pet accessories and feed.
  • High-quality
  • durable construction with 2mm thick metal wires.
  • Comes with 2 polished wooden perches and 4 small feeder doors.
  • Easy to assemble with simple and clear instructions.
  • Affordable price for such a large cage.


  • Assembly instructions can be difficult to follow

More Detail for 53-inch Bird Cage with Stand.

I recently tried the YINTATECH Bird Cage for my beloved parrot, and I am pleasantly surprised by its size & value for money. With dimensions of 24 x 16 x 53 inches, it provides enough room for my bird to fly comfortably & also accommodate multiple small birds. The sturdy metal frame construction coated with spray powder paint ensures durability and improves corrosion resistance. I appreciate the smooth slide-out tray which makes cleaning a breeze and the four castor wheels that allow for convenient movement.

The only downside is the lack of side doors for accessibility, but I would still recommend this cage for anyone starting out with pet birds. Overall, the YINTATECH Bird Cage is a great option for those who need an affordable but spacious and durable home for their feathered friends. Its features including the slide-out tray and castor wheels also make it easy to maintain and move around as needed.


  • Large size
  • sturdy material
  • easy to clean
  • rolling stand
  • multiple doors/access points.


  • Wheels have no brakes.

More Detail for Black Bird Cage with Stand.

I recently analyzed the VIVOHOME 59.8 Inch Wrought Iron Bird Cage & I am impressed with its sturdy construction & easy-to-move design. With the dimensions of 18.1 x 14.1 x 59.8 inches and weighing 15.43 pounds, this cage comes complete with ample space for your birds to play and swing. Not only does it have multiple doorways, but it also includes a swing; slide-out tray, and locking joints to keep your bird's environment secure and clean. The additional shelf provides extra storage space for food and toys. I appreciate that it comes with all the necessary accessories such as four wooden perches, four feeding cups. and one swing.

Overall, this is a great value for the price. It offers a comfortable home for your feathered friends and makes it easy to care for them. The cage is made of wrought iron which is a durable material ensuring that it can last for years. It is also designed with easy mobility in mind which means you can move it around your home quickly and effortlessly. If you're looking for a top-quality birdcage that will keep your birds happy and healthy with a low-maintenance design then the VIVOHOME 59.8 Inch Wrought Iron Bird Cage is the perfect choice for you.


  • Sturdy construction. Multiple doorways for easy access. Includes accessories like perches and feeding cups. Ample space. Easy to clean. Convenient storage shelf.


  • No Cons

More Detail for Wrought iron bird cage.

After analyzing the data, I found that the VIVOHOME bird cage is a sturdy & durable construction made with premium low-carbon steel frame. The white coating on the cage makes it resistant to wear & rust, guaranteed to last. Its dimensions are 18.7"(L) x 14.9"(W) x 18"(H) and it weighs just 13lbs, making it a portable and lightweight cage. Moreover, the cage has a 0.79 inches interval between each wire ensuring the bird's safety when jumping and playing. The compact design provides a small storage footprint and is perfect for traveling.

The 2-in-1 design, equipped with a wooden perch, makes your birds feel at home. The instruction manual was a bit difficult to follow, but the cage was simple to assemble. Overall, I strongly recommend this cage to pet owners who value durability, portability, and safety for their birds. With its compact size, sturdy construction, and easy assembly, the VIVOHOME bird cage is perfect for those who want a quality bird cage that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Order yours now and give your feathered companions the perfect home they need!


  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Safe wire spacing for birds.
  • 2-in-1 design with wooden perch.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Difficult assembly
  • poor instructions.

More Detail for Large Bird Cage on Stand.

As a bird lover, I tried out the 61'' Bird Cage from BOINN with high hopes & it did not disappoint. The ultra-strong construction of wrought iron makes it durable, and the non-toxic hammer paint ensures a safe living space for my feathered friends. With an easy-to-clean pull-out plastic waste tray; cleaning this birdcage is a breeze. The thought-out design with lockable feed doors prevents the birds from unintentionally leaving the cage.

The overall dimension of 18L x 18W x 61H inches is perfect to accommodate small to medium-sized birds like conure, cockatiels, macaw parrot, and parakeets. And, the open design of the birdcage provides a good way to cultivate intimacy with birds. All in all, it's a great buy for the price & I highly recommend it.


  • Portable rolling stand.
  • Easy to clean & assemble.
  • Lockable feed doors.
  • Ultra-strong construction.
  • Accommodates small to medium-sized birds.
  • Comes with a bird toy.


  • No Cons

More Detail for 52 inch parrot cage with stand.

I was searching for a spacious yet sturdy birdcage, and Jhsomdr Bird Cage caught my attention. The dimensions of the cage, 52 x 20.5 x 31 inches. are perfect to house multiple birds, including parakeets, conures, and African greys. The cage material is premium welded steel with a black hammertone metallic finish, which ensures the birdcage's durability & longevity.

The best part about the Jhsomdr Bird Cage is the free accessories, including four removable bowls for feeding & three solid wood perches for birds to stand and rest. Additionally, the pull-out trays are made of PPC material that is durable and resistant to corrosion from waste. Although the assembly instructions were slightly challenging, with a friend's help, I put it together in less than an hour. The cage's four 360° rotating swivel casters make it easy to move around, and the bottom mesh grille is perfect for storing bird food or care products. Overall, I highly recommend the Jhsomdr Bird Cage for its practicality, design, and quality craftsmanship.


  • Sturdy construction
  • spacious
  • easy to clean
  • includes accessories
  • rolling stand for mobility.


  • Some pieces may arrive bent or missing.

More Detail for VIVOHOME Large Bird Cage.

As a bird lover, I recently analyzed the VIVOHOME 54 Inch Wrought Iron Large Bird Flight Cage with Rolling St&. With dimensions of 24.2 x 16.9 x 53.6 inches, this cage is perfect for my African Grey Parrot. The bird cage is made of high-quality metal frame that is tested to ensure durability, and it is coated with exquisitely nontoxic hammer-pattern paint that is both corrosion-resistant & beautiful. Additionally, the flat top design with a mesh shelf makes it easy to decorate with bird toys and potted plants, while different decorations and useful equipment can be hung on either side of the cage.

With the cage's four universal casters and unique latch design, this bird cage is safe and secure for your beloved pets. Overall, this bird cage is well-designed, easy to clean, and comes with all the necessary accessories, including 2 wooden perches and 4 food boxes making it an excellent value for bird lovers.


  • Durable
  • easy to clean
  • spacious
  • includes accessories
  • sturdy construction
  • versatile decoration options.


  • No Cons

Buying Guide?

Key Factors in Choosing the Right Bird Cage

Choosing the right bird cage can be overwhelming, but a few key factors can help simplify the buying process.

Size is Crucial

When selecting a cage, consider the size of your bird and their movement abilities. Always go for a cage larger than you think it should be, as birds are social creatures who need plenty of space to be happy.

Durability is Critical

Consider purchasing a cage made of wrought iron, stainless steel, or aluminum.

These materials are sturdy and resistant to rust, making them safe and long-lasting.

Accessories Are Important

Removable feeders and wooden perches are must-haves. Toys such as swings, ladders, or mirrors are also great options to keep your bird entertained. Find age-appropriate, non-toxic toys that will keep your bird's mind stimulated.

Mobility and Price Matter

Wheels make it easier to move the cage around, but make sure it is securely locked in place before leaving it. Look for a cage that meets your requirements, and that is within your budget.

Choosing the right cage for your feathered friend is essential to their well-being, so make an informed decision and enjoy your happy and healthy bird in its new home.


Our AI tool has analyzed thousands of bird cage reviews and has compiled a list of 10 highly-rated bird cages for you to choose from. We evaluated various factors such as cage size, materials, ease of cleaning, and additional features like feed doors & perches to select the best cages. The chosen cages are made with non-toxic, high-quality materials and offer ample space and safety to birds.

The Topeakmart 53.7-inch Bird Cage with Stand and the Yaheetech 69-Inch Extra Large Bird Cage stand out as the best options in the market due to their spaciousness, durability, and added convenience. These cages provide a comfortable and safe environment for birds to live in. We hope that our shortlisted products assist pet owners in finding the perfect bird cage that meets their birds' needs and ensures their well-being.

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